As a teacher of Mediumship I reflected recently on what is the role of a medium?  Why do we seek them out? What do we wish to gain from them? And, more importantly,  how can they help us?

The obvious answer is that we will seek out a medium when we wish to make connection and contact with our departed loved ones who have passed on into the world of spirit.  Or we want to be reassured that our loved ones are ok.  That they are not suffering anymore and are pain free.

Often we are lost in our grief and are unable to move on with our lives.  We are not ready to say goodbye.  We may not of had the chance to say goodbye – this may have been through timing, distance, being unable to speak up or through estrangement.

When we visit a medium and the medium is able to provide evidence that they have our loved one present through the facts and the examples they share we feel relief.  We feel at peace and our grief is made lighter.  We are reassured that our loved ones are not completely lost to us and that they are indeed very much part of our continued lives.

The Medium – The Healer

Perhaps a lesser recognised part of a medium’s role is to provide healing.  We have seen from above that healing can certainly be achieved through the messages given but healing can transcend both worlds – the world of the living and the world of spirit.

Many an estranged family has been healed once the perceived perpetrator has crossed into the world of spirit.  An apology received from the spirit world can unlock years of pain and be highly transformative in the lives left behind.

Being able to say sorry to someone on the other side can ease or eliminate the toxic burden of guilt.  Through my professional practice I have had countless examples where people have written to me after their session to say that finally they are able to sleep peacefully again after many years of disrupted sleep.

Other ways spirit can provide healing is to channel it through the mediums’s hands and we have many examples where healing from spirit world is done with intelligence and with remarkable results.

The Medium – The Counsellor

One of the most profound roles of a medium is one that I found myself in some time ago but this encounter will remain for ever within my heart.

A client had come to have a sitting with me and it became known that they had terminal cancer with no prognosis for recovery.  In this session I found myself lovingly holding space for them to express their hopes, fears and thoughts.  I was able though the power of spirit do this with total unconditional love in my heart – recognising the beautiful spirit within this client.

This client wanted to know what passing over would be like based on my experiences with the spirit world.  I was able to share my own near death experience and to assure them that they would be greeted by their departed loved ones.  That they would not transition unsupported and alone.

Once this realisation had sunk in – the client’s face lit up as they realised that they would be reunited with their brother in heaven.   A sense of peace and contentment settled on the clients face and they were able to face their darkest hour with hope, courage and confidence.

For those of you who have lost loved ones – know that it is our thoughts, our love and the sharing of the memories that bring them closer to us.  Share their stories and share their love.  They are always with us.

With divine blessings,

Ioanna xx

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