Season’s greetings!  Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year despite it being called the silly season.  My earliest memory of Christmas was seeing my Mum decorate every part of our home with bright festive decorations.

We had a simple tree that was adorned with the most exquisite ornamental glass baubles and we would hang our hand made brightly coloured paper chains on it.  We made angles out of paper doilies and placed cotton wool in the branches to symbolise snow.

Christmas day could not come fast enough for us and I still recall the feelings of excitement mixed with awe at waking up and finding our presents from Santa under the tree.

These simple yet magical memories have become the cornerstone of my approach to Christmas were I now understand Christmas to be about connection, the sharing of love and being grateful for the year that was.

As we grow up and become entrenched within the rat race of existence we lose that important part of us that still believes in the miracle of life and all the magical moments that we experience.

We may not have that perfect family we wished for, some of us may be estranged from family, others may have family in other states or countries, you may have recently separated or divorced, you may have experienced a death in the family or you may be facing a life threatening illness.

What ever the case may be for you… PAUSE,  take a moment to BREATHE in a life affirming breath.  Then shift your focus and thoughts to something you are grateful for in your life.  Develop your own rituals and traditions that work for you and lose that guilty voice in your head that starts with the words “you should...”.

At this time of the year once the anticipation and festivities of Christmas day are over I would like to invite you to participate in this beautiful candle ritual that was gifted by spirit to me during a reading with a beautiful client of mine.  Read on to invite the very best into your life…

  1. Gather 3 candles, 1 pale pink, 1 white & 1 gold 
  2. Light the pink candle and state “I now invite unconditional love into all areas of my life and into my heart”.
  3.  Light the white candle and state “I now invite highest and purest intention into all that i do.
  4.  Light the gold candle and state “with this gold candle I now invoke my sovereign right to realise all my hopes, dreams and aspirations”
  5. Take a moment to be thankful for all you have and to send healing and loving thoughts and prayers to all your family, your community and the world.

This simple yet powerful ritual may be done on Christmas eve when the powerful energy of the christ consciousness is birthed super charging your intentions with joy and new beginnings.

Empaths feeling overwhelmed? I have recorded my clearing meditation just foryou!

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