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Colour – A Healing Tool Of Transformation

Colour is one of those things we take for granted.  We are completely surrounded by it but how often do we stop and really take our time to relate to it?

In our fast paced world we are used to making snap decisions and more often than not we make those choices unconsciously or indeed with very little thought given to the choice we make.

But what if did stop? What if we did choose consciously for our highest benefit? What if we made choices that enhanced our wellbeing?  Can you imagine the healing changes that could take place? The ripple effect that could positively influence our communities that we live in.

We could not only go from survive to thrive but we might even flourish with technicolour splendour.

By the time we can speak we have already developed a relationship with colour and have determine what we like and what we don’t.  Have you ever stopped though to ask yourself why is it that you don’t like a particular colour?

By taking the time to ask yourself this question will allow you to glean insights into healing that may benefit you.

Your chakras and your aura

There are 7 major chakras (energy centres) that are aligned down the energetic mid-line (spine) of us all.  The chakra colours are the ones we witness when observing a rainbow and it is not a coincidence that white light may be refracted to reveal the rainbow colours.

In theory when we are completely in balance we should have a healthy relationship with all the rainbow colours.  If you find yourself repelled or obsessed by a particular colour then know that your body through its innate wisdom is alerting you that there is some healing to be done.

Colours & their meaning

Balanced: energetic, vital, enthusiastic, assertive, spontaneous, strong, courageous, self-motivated
Unbalanced: apathetic, aggressive, impatient, domineering, lethargic, frustrated, lecherous, timid

Balanced: exuberant, sensual, gregarious, good-humoured, self- reliant, tolerant, warm hearted
Unbalanced: inferiority, self -indulgent, dependent, superficial, timid, oversensitive, distrustful

Balanced: rational, clear thinking, broad minded, just, sociable, optimistic, organised, self- confident
Unbalanced: critical, argumentative, opinionated, evasive, restless, cynical, superficial, fuzzy thinking

Balanced: open, grounded, sympathetic, compassionate, generous, relaxed, balanced, calm
Unbalanced: envious, mean, bitter, inflexible, jaded, resentful, unreliable, stressed, possessive

Balanced: introspective, contemplative, serene, fluent, tactful, sincere, faithful, sacred, peaceful
Unbalanced: tongue-tied, manipulative, feeble, dishonest, ruthless, and emotionally unbalanced

Balanced: psychic, deep, visionary, wise, inspired, humanitarian, teacher / spiritual leader
Unbalanced: fearful, arrogant, deluded, isolated, over-idealistic.

Balanced: spiritual, noble, dignified, inspired, humble
Unbalanced: fanatical, perfectionist, self-doubting, self- destructive, alienated.

Unbalanced means the chakra is spinning either too much (over stiumulated) or too slow (under stimulated.  Nature gives us the clue that every thing need to be in balance for optimal conditions to be present.

Colour Healing Exercise

A good skilled intuitive healer will be able to determine what state your chakras in and then advise you on how to remedy unbalanced chakras.  When I conduct my healing sessions with you,  I check each of your chakras and where possible balance them using energy techniques.

At home you may use this technique to balance your chakras:

  1. Sit in a quiet location where you wont be disturbed.
  2. Take a deep breath in and visualise grounding chords from your tail bone anchoring deep into the core of mother earth.
  3. In your minds eye picture your body and then scan it to determine which chakra “appears” muddy or dim. 
  4. Once you know which chakra is dim, say the red one then imagine a vast infinite vessel of red liquid light being poured into your body and completely filling up.
  5. If there is more than one chakra unbalanced then repeat with liquid light in the corresponding colours.

I always welcome feedback on how the technique ay have worked for you.

I am also delighted to announce that I have my upcoming annual event on Tuesday night December 5th “Christmas Love From Above – A Night of Mediumship”.  I would love to see you there as I share with you christmas messages from your loved ones who have passed into the world of Spirt.  Read below for further details or click here to find out more…

With Divine Blessings,
Ioanna xx

November Reading

Energy Field Adjustment

Treasured friends
the card I have drawn today is a message from the
Oracle of the Mermaids
by Lucy Cavendish reminding us of the importance of keeping our aura clear for optimal health.

This month you are being encouraged to fine tune your energy field and aura so that you can be at peak conditionin body, mind and spirit.

There are many ways to do this and perhaps the easiest is to utilise colour as a healing tool.

Review your wardrobe and find out what colour is missing from your clothes; then choose some key pieces to bring the healing energy into your life.

Similarly – identify an over supply of a particular colour in your wardrobe and take active steps to minimise it in future purchases.

We are in beach season and the ocean is one of natures best aura cleansers available.  If you are not a swimmer then take a walk along the beach ensuring your feet get wet.

Have an energy balance and clearing with an intuitive healer who will be able to identify which energy chakras are out of balance.

Review your environment; declutter and get rid of items that no longer bring your joy.  This includes a digital declutter – do you really need to hold onto all those messages, emails and triple copy photos?

Empaths feeling overwhelmed? I have recorded my clearing meditation just foryou!

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