Happy New Year!

We all know that the planets above influence us with their energies from the time of our birth and no doubt many of you will check your horoscopes to see how they impact you each day, week or month.

Did you know that numbers can also influence you?  Numerologists, those that study the numbers believe that we are born on a certain date, hour and minute not by chance but in order to learn important lessons and to fulfil our life mission.  There are three important numbers that are calculated by numerologists; our date of birth number, our name number and the one I wish to focus on in this blog, our personal year number.

To calculate your personal year number add the DAY of your birth, to the MONTH of your birth and then add the current year of 2019.  Reduce this number to a single digit numeral and then read on to see what your personal year holds for you.  For example if you were born on the 19th of November you would calculate your personal year number as follows:
1+9+1+1+2+0+1+9 = 24  then reduce to 2+4 = 6
personal year = 6
Personal year number 1  

This is a very powerful year and a start of a new cycle for you.  Make a break from all dead or dying relationships, anything that drains you emotionally and all bad habits. Out with the old and in with the new is your way of being.  This is the year to stop being a push -over; develop more self confidence and learn how to asset yourself.  No more suffering in silence, speak up.  Financially this improve, particularly in relation to buying or selling property.
Personal year number 2  

Slowing down and having patience are what this year is about for you. Emotions and relationships take sharp focus and it’s all about “us” in what ever form that takes, be it friends, lovers or family.  It’s a great year to focus on finding “the one” or to establish solid networking opportunities and relationship building in business.   If you are in a relationship. soften your heart, update your image and create intimacy to re-establish and deepen your connection.  This year may seem to be slow moving but you are being slowed down for a reason. Take the time and smell the roses.
Personal year number 3 

Your creativity, fun and self improvement is highlighted in this year.  it’s your time to be seen and to shine. Take a public speaking course, promote yourself or update your image. Find your inner joy and bring it into all that you do. Learn to tap into and understand your emotions so that you are well equipped to speak your truth with confidence.  Lighten up and become more social as you look for occasions that are fun and enjoyable. Self promotion is featured and if you are wishing to publish a book or release an album then this is the year to do it.
Personal year number 4  

This is a year to lay foundations and to take strong methodical steps towards achieving what you want in the areas of relationships, health, career and finances. You may find yourself moving to  new home and getting serious about life. It’s all about following a step-by-step process and putting structure and systems in place that help you reach your goals.  A year of hard work with slow and steady really does win the race. Your success is assured if you focus on the details and avoid procrastination.
Personal year number 5 

This is a year to reawaken your artistic and creative side.  Take that art class you have always been meaning to do.  Get in touch with your inner creativity. It’s also a year of freedom, travel, with unexpected opportunities coming your way.  You have much allure and magnetism with many opportunities to explore your sexuality.  Hold onto your hat as this year is packed with one change after the other, happening so rapidly that you may not have time to appreciate or integrate the changes.
Personal year number 6 

This is a very favourable year for relationships of any kind.  Business partnerships made in this year are likely to become very profitable.  This year is a great one to attract a relationship and romantic connections made are highly likely to result in marriage or commitment. It’s a year devoted to family, home and responsibility but be sure to schedule nurture time for yourself as well.  The home is featured; you may be inspired to renovate, redesign or beautify your home.
Personal year number 7  

This year is about consolidation where no major changes or progress should be looked for. Try to establish some order and routine in your daily life and get your priorities right.  It may be a year of deep introspection, of going within and accessing a deeper spiritual truth.  Faith and trust can be tested as deep personal growth occurs.  Be sure to be supported with energy healing or other forms of therapy.  You may feel lonely this year; be sure to schedule time out with friends and family.
Personal year number 8  

Freedom and independence are highlighted in this year.  It’s a year of personal power with a focus on finances. It’s a year to focus on your wealth creation strategies and to put plans in place to achieve financial freedom. You reap what you have sown in past years.  It is important that you balance your personal power so that you are not a push over and nor a bully.  Be sure to plan adequate breaks and to balance your personal and work life as this year is a relentless work year.
Personal year number 9 

Congratulations, you have reached the end of a nine year cycle.  This is a time to make new friends, visit new places and make plans for the future. A nine year is about creating the void by releasing all that no longer serves you so that you can truly make way for a new cycle in your life.  This is a year when divorces, endings and changes are constantly being felt, even death of a loved one or children moving out of home.  Dramatic changes occur in employment, geographical locations, in possessions and living arrangements.  It is best navigated by releasing the need to control and just embrace the changes.

No matter what personal year number you have, remember you have an amazing spirit team on stand by to make this your best year ever!

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