Empaths: Manage Your Energy

Wow what an amazing event the integrated empath summit series was. Many people contacted me to say how much they enjoyed listening to my interview about reframing the empathic journey and they were keen to find out more…

Over the years in my healing practice I have found that many empaths often are not even aware they are one! They have experienced fatigue, overwhelm and burn out and assumed that it was normal and the busy-ness of life.

I have no doubt that sometimes it is just life but why do some people seem to cope and others cannot? I believe that the answer to this is that those that are overwhelmed have not been equipped with the tools to manage their empathicness and of course their energy.

Ioanna’s Empathic Tool Box: Prevent Overwhelm

As always I love to share tips and techniques that I use in my daily practice with you my loyal readers and clients. Read on as I share my top 5 tools for you to prevent overwhelm and exhaustion.

  1. Energy Discernment: work out what is YOU and what is not. The easiest and clearest way to do this is by using the following statement:
    If this (insert symptom, e.g. headache) is not mine then please take it away.
    If the symptom disappears then know you have picked it up energetically from someone around you.
  2. Grounding: As an empath good grounding is a must. If you are not grounded then you will readily follow any and all energy around you. If your child is having anxiety for example then you too will have anxiety as your energy chases that of your child. I say Become the tree!
    Imagine that you are a beautiful ancient tree with roots that dive deep into mother earth. The roots are an extension of your legs and feet. Your torso is the trunk of the tree and your head and hair become the branches. Then affirm “I now ground and anchor myself to the power of mother earth as I am held and supported”
  3. Boundaries: Ironically, boundaries for empaths give us room to fully express and explore with a feeling of safety. When we know consciously where we start and finish and what we let in we are then most powerful.
    Establish your personal boundary by imagining yourself in a gold clear bubble of light that completely surrounds you. Affirm to yourself “I am 100% in my bubble at all time”.
  4. Clearing: By keeping your energy as clear and bright as you can, you automatically become more authentic to your true nature. You can clear your energy with the following:
    Affirm “Arch Angel Michael please remove and clear, any and all energies I have absorbed that are not mine”.
  5. Retreat & Recharge: Make sure you allow time in your daily schedule to retreat, unplug, say No and rest. Empaths require periods of quiet to recharge and regenerate.
    Give yourself permission to rest, switch flight mode on your phones and put your feet up.
    By following these simple yet highly effective strategies you will be well equipped to live and love life as an empath without resentment, burnout or overwhelm. More importantly you will be modelling good practice to others in your family including children who may also be unaware empaths.

With divine blessings, Ioanna xox

July Reading

Sedna: Infinite Supply

Treasured friends the card I have drawn today is a message from the Inuit Eskimo & Alaskan Goddess of the sea called Sedna.

The message she brings is infinite supply. She is reminding us that the universe truly is abundant and has infinite resources for us to draw upon.

What is not always abundant is our collective thoughts and beliefs.

Our thoughts create our reality and therefore if we have scarcity thinking then there will never be enough.

The converse is also true that if we have abundant thoughts then our world will reflect this back for us.

This month I urge you to check in with yourself. Are you forever giving out with nothing coming back in?

Do you prefer to give rather than receive? This type of giving will result in a feeling of depletion, resentment and bitterness.

Do you always receive but never give back? Then this will result is a feeling of dissatisfaction as you will not appreciate what you have.

Just like the ocean that has tides and ebbs and flows then so to must you. Accept and give with equal measure.

Remember you may be uncomfortable with receiving however do not deny another the pleasure you get in the giving. Allow them to have the pleasure of giving to you too!

Mid year is a wonderful time to pause and take stock of where you are. We have an opportunity to witness our belief systems around finances through the need to produce tax returns.

Fortunately we are masters of creation; it is our divine birth right. If you are not happy with your picture then make necessary changes now.

Yes, life is not just about money; money however is a tangible representation of our internal attitude and mind set around abundance.

Until next time….

Brightest blessings, Ioanna xx

Card from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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