Many of you may know that as a Medium I make contact with your loved ones from the world of Spirit.  What you may not know is that I also conduct healings with the assistance and guidance of health professionals from the spirit world.

These spirit healing guides often share with me various healing techniques that I use and pass onto my clients.

During this last month of April I noticed that many of my healing clients were feeling heavy, unmotivated and overwhelmed.

As unacknowledged empaths or sensitives they were often taking on energy from others around them in the work place, from their families and even their friends.

If we are particularly sensitive it can leave us feeling drained, lethargic, unmotivated, depressed and frustrated.

Keeping our energy clear and balanced is vitally important for our clear thinking, health and wellbeing.  I can help you with the balance part; a healing will ensure that your energy field is optimised for health and function.

As a gift to you, I can also empower you to take charge of your own clearing by sharing with you the Rose technique to keep your energy clear so that you can feel lighter and brighter.

The Rose Technique – A Nightly Practice.

1. At night just before you go to sleep lie down, close your eyes and visualise a rose.

2. Say either quietly to yourself or aloud “I ask that this rose absorbs all the energies I have taken on today that are toxic to me or are not my own”

3. See the rose taking on the energy (it will either wilt or go brown as if its dying) and then imagine the rose being sent out into space.

4. See the rose exploding as it releases these toxic energies.

5. Then repeat the process by visualising another rose until the rose remains in full bloom indicating that you are now clear.

Using this technique as a nightly ritual will have you feeling strong, clear and revitalised.

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With divine blessings,  Ioanna xox

May Reading


Treasured friends the card I have drawn depicts a fairy who is pregnant and the card reads “The birth of child brings great blessings to you and the world”.

As I connect to this card I am told that those are hoping to confirm a pregnancy will have a very strong YES this month. So Congratulations to you!

This card is also symbolic and will denote a new venture that currently is being hatched. This venture may be business related or personal and is a symbolic of the time that is needed for nurture and growth before it is birthed into reality.

Keep pouring your energy into your dreams and know that it is to its the right timing to launch this new venture yet.

If you have a child that is challenging you and testing your patience then you are reminded that this child does indeed bring great blessings into the world even if you do not see it yet.

Know that you are doing a great job parenting, after all your child chose you!

Many an innovative thinker, world leader or entrepreneur who broke all the rules may have been challenging to parent but were born for a higher reason.

No matter which situation applies, one thing you can be certain is that big life changes are afoot at this present time.

Are you ready for them?

Until next time….

Brightest blessings,  Anna xx

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