My “Mr Portakalis” moment….

The other day whilst driving my daughter and her friend home I had my first  Mr Portakalis moment  – if you have watched the movie Big Fat Greek Wedding you would know exactly what I am talking about! 🙂

Listening to my daughter explaining to her friend that the Greeks invented astrology, I found myself telling the girls that the word Astrology come from the Greek…. Astro meaning stars AND logiameaning the study of.  I then went on to talk about geometry, philosophy etc… stating that they are all Greek words.

In that moment I found myself smiling as I realised that although I was born in Australia and proudly consider myself Australian; my Greek heritage is very much alive in me via my genes.

Another thing that is very much alive and strong in my genetics is my gift of Mediumship.  I am very lucky to have a strong line of Mediums in my family and am blessed to have the guidance and assistance of my grandmother in the world of spirit.

One of the main reasons I am passionate about mediumship is the fact that I know that it brings about tremendous healing; not just for us, the ones left behind, but also for our loved ones in the world of Spirit.

This healing that Mediumship brings is prime reason I was motivated to start a new monthly gathering called Meraki Spiritualist Society.  

Introducing MERAKI Spiritualist Society…

Meraki is a reflection of my Greek heritage and simply means “to do something with Soul, Creativity or Love” and it is with a warm heart that I, together with Spirit, wish to bring Meraki to you.

It is my hope and wish that when you attend a monthly gathering at Meraki you will walk away knowing you are not alone, that you feel comforted, connected and inspired and that you may make some new friends along the way.

Each month you will be able to hear an uplifting inspirational talk, witness myself and my team of student Mediums give messages from your loved ones in the world of Spirit and even receive some healing.  There will be a chance to share a cuppa, a snack and a chat with like minded individuals.

I am very excited to launch this society and would like to encourage you to come along and see for yourself the beautiful intelligence and healing power of Spirit.  If you are a believer, curious or even sceptical I would love to see you at the monthly gatherings.  All I ask is that you bring an open heart, and open mind and some Meraki.

To find out more about Meraki Spiritualist Society join my Meraki Facebook page to get the latest dates and times.

March Reading


Treasured friends the card
I have drawn today is a message from the
Return Of Spirit deck
by Cheryl Lee Harnsh
reminding us that
it is time to move forward with CONFIDENCE.

If you have found yourself questioning yourself, your direction and your purpose; seemingly unable to move forward then now is the time to make the first step.

If you have found yourself waiting for things to be right, or to be perfect or for the stars to align  – then wait no more!!

Be confident, Be bold and be daring…

Take one small step… make that phone call, challenge yourself.

Without movement there can not be change.  Movement requires intention and confidence and intention into practice.
Brightest blessings,  Ioanna xx

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