Welcome in the freshness of 2018…

The new year is one of my favourite times of the year and I just love the energy that it brings.  This time of the year represents hope, renewal, freshness, change and expansion.

Last year was a tough year for many people as it was a strongly masculine year that bought with it a warrior energy.  Life was about going into battle and eliminating obstacles; cutting through and discarding all that no longer was working.

This was also an emotionally tough year because when you go to war you have to leave your emotions home in order to survive.  There were many endings and tough choices to make as new foundations were laid in all areas of life.

Many of you questioned career choices, love choices and even living choices and this questioning, analysing and searching resulted in many long nights of soul searching.

So what does 2018 bring?

There is a very gentle yet undeniable feminine energy that heralds a time of nurture, collaboration and partnerships in 2018.  This year will see many of you working together with others in collaboration rather than competition.

Your connection to your local community will be strengthened and enhanced as you find it easier to reach out and ask for assistance.

Your unions and partnerships will be working more as a team forgoing co-dependance for inter-dependance.  There will be much focus on each person in a relationship becoming the best version of themselves for self first and then for other.

This doesn’t mean becoming self-absorbed or selfish but rather becoming self empowered and self confident.  Being responsible for self and the outcomes you are experiencing; from this empowered state true sacred union is achieved.

2018 is also the Year of the Dog, read on to find out more…

Year of the Dog

For me the new year does not truly begin until the Chinese new year has come and gone.  Not because I am Chinese but because the Chinese new year is pegged to the lunar calendar and is more in tune with the energetic cycles of nature and this beautiful world we live in.

So what does the dog bring for you?  Happiness, loyalty and contentment.  The dog is a pack animal and wishes to remain close to it’s pack; so too will you wish to reconnect and strengthen family ties.

It has the ability to be playful and this year there will be a greater emphasis on play time; especially when it involves family and your “vibe tribe”.

Conversely when dog perceives a threat especially to it’s family it will courageously defend sometimes even to it’s own detriment.  This year you will find your self also feeling courageous and taking action particularly if the threat (be it financial, physical or otherwise), is faced by your family.

I would like to encourage you treasured friends to step up, reach out and reconnect with your family or your soul tribe. I wish you many blessings for the remainder of the year.

As always I am here to serve through my one to one readings in person or via Skype, my public mediumship demonstrations and of course my healings.

I have my next upcoming mediumship development classes commencing this Saturday and look forward to sharing my love of spirit with you.

With Divine Blessings,
Ioanna xx

Feb Reading
Explore Your Options

Treasured friends the card I have drawn today is a message from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins  deck by Doreen Virtue reminding us that it is a good time to make changes.

This month you are being encouraged to explore all options and possibilities so that you can truly make the changes that your heart and soul are urging you to make.

Be brave, be vigilant and even be ruthless with change.  This is your opportunity to to have your phoenix rising moment and be totally supported by the new years energies

Dive deeply into the depths of your soul and ask it how it wishes to be expressed, how it wants you to live your life and  then ask yourself what is stopping you?

Is there another way?  Does it have to be the path you have set for yourself?  Have you asked others to help?

Become the change you wish to see.  Live it and breathe it one step at a time.  The first step is to get clarity and definition – set your intention.

The second and final step is tolet go and let God.  Get out f your own way and allow the abundance to flow.

Miracles can and do happen….

Brightest blessings,  Ioanna xx

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