Join well respected Psychic Medium and Mentor Ioanna Serpanos
in her weekly classes focusing on the development of your Mediumship skills.

Ioanna is a natural Medium who has been trained by Spirit from a very early age and is currently following her life purpose to be of service to Spirit and to teach.

During this weekly open class you will join other budding mediums in developing and practicing your skills.

These mediumship classes will focus on the following areas:

  • Making, holding and developing a link
  • Strengthening your evidence and proof of survival
  • Grounding and protecting your energy
  • Conduct individual readings and public demonstrations
  • Exploring different types of Mediumship, including mental, trance, transfiguration, spiritual healing and more.
  • Understanding the difference between psychic and Mediumship readings
  • Reading auras and understanding colour
  • Understanding the blending process and how to stay in the power
  • Understand the philosophy of Spiritualism

These classes are a combination of theory and practice and each week you will be surprised and delighted by your progress.

If you wish to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact Ioanna.


Empaths feeling overwhelmed? I have recorded my clearing meditation just foryou!

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