The term smudging refers to the burning of herbs or resins with the intent that any negative energies are encapsulated into the smoke and removed from the surroundings that were smudged.

The practice has been present in many cultures around the globe both indigenous and modern through  individual customs, rituals and even religions.

Fire is the key element which energetically representspurification and renewal; it’s combined with many organic materials such as sage and other aromatic herbs or even resins such as frankincense.   The resultant smoke that is produced by the burning of these materials, together with the intent to remove negativity is what smudging is called.

How do I smudge my home?

There are many rituals and techniques developed  to smudge your home, your workplace, or even your car!  Today I would like to share with you my own way to smudge your place.

  1. Gather your tools:  I use a smudge stick (usually dried sage, lavender and rosemary which are wrapped in twine), a lighter or matches,  a bowl or tray to catch the ashes, and a bowl of rice or sand to extinguish the smudge stick afterwards (left my the back door).
  2. Prepare your space: Clean your home or work place removing all clutter and open all windows and cupboard doors.
  3. Set your intention: Your intention is the key part of this process and should be done with absolute clarity and belief.  An example of intention that I use is as follows:“I ask for the legions of the light to walk through my home with me and clear and remove any and all energies that do not belong here AND that are not for my highest will and good to be removed, cleared and sent back to source.

    I also call upon great spirit to fill and infuse my home with divine light, love and healing compassion so that all occupants of this home are always surrounded by loving energy at all times.  I ask that this energy extends to all the animals, plants, gardens and external areas of my home including my vehicle.  With gratitude in my heart I thank you.”

  4. Smudging process:  Light the smudge stick until it is smoking then proceed to smudge by rotating the smudge stick in a counter clock wise direction.  (clockwise puts in and counter clockwise removes).   Make sure that this movement is performed in every corner of each room, cupboard and over each chair and bed.Be sure to hold a tray or bowl beneath the stick to catch any ash or embers that may fall from the smudge stick.

    Move through each room and then finish at the back door.  Leave the windows open until all traces of smoke have disappeared.

    You will observe that in some rooms the smudge stick may not burn as much or it may go out whilst in others it will smoke excessively.  This is an indicator of how much negative charged energy is in the room.

    Once finished, extinguish any remaining smudge stick in a bowl of rice or sand ready to be used next time.

  5. Frankincense (optional):  After I smudge I always like burn some frankincense resin to lift the vibration of the household and bring in the divine energies.  Frankincense is used in churches and has a sweet aromatic smell.  The greeks call it Livani.I have a special bronze bowl that I place a charcoal tablet in the bottom.  With a lighter i set the charcoal alight until it starts to sizzle and burn.  I then place the frankincense resin on it so that it starts to burn and smoke.  My home smells beautiful and feels lighter and brighter afterwards.

People always ask me how often should they smudge their homes and I reply as often as you need to.  If your home is a busy one with many people coming and going then weekly is recommended.  If your home starts to feel disruptive, tired or heavy then take that as a sign you need to smudge.  A regular practice will allow you to feel at peace in your home.

I always welcome feedback about your experiences and I hope that you will find this smudging process is one that will benefit you and your home.  Until next month…

With divine blessings,  Ioanna xox

August Reading

You are a wonderful person

Treasured friends the card I have drawn today is a message from the Cherub Angel cards reminding you that you are truly wonderful.

Do you find that you are a slave to the negative self talk in your mind?  Are you viewing the world and its reflection of you though the filter of low self opinion.

Are you afraid to elevate yourself incase you jinx yourself?  Or other will not like you?

Who are you serving when you play small?  Are you honouring your soul? Are you expressing the spark of divinity that is within your heart?

Well today I am here to let you know that you are wonderful.  Yes you; the one reading this right now.

There is no one as beautiful and talented as you are right now in this moment.  Why because you are a beautiful unique representation of the divine god-source.

All possibility lies within you and your soul is equipped with all the magic, energy and skills you require to live your purpose.

Take a leap of faith, come out of the shadows, step up to your destined life.  Live joyously in this one moment.

Yes wonderful you, know in your heart you are awesome and invincible.  Kick to the curb all doubt, negativity and self sabotage.

New magical things are unfolding for you right now.  Say Yes to the universe and see it reflected back to you.

Until next time….

Brightest blessings,  Ioanna xx

Card from Cherub Angle Cards for Children by Doreen Virtue

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