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“To not forgive is like taking poison yourself and hoping the other person dies”.

Years ago I read the above statement and it really struck me how true this statement was.  Resentment, anger, disappointment and bitterness are all toxic and poisonous emotions that left uncheck will cause serious and sometimes fatal consequences for us all.

In my healing and mediumship practice I have come across many people that are unable to forgive a hurt be it actual or perceived.  People will go to their grave without making peace with their loved ones and will often return in a reading to express regret and sorrow.

We forgive not because we condone or forget what has happened to us; often the hurt is devastating particularly in cases where it may be rape, betrayal, murder or incest.

We forgive to free ourselves from pain, stagnant energy and dis-ease.  It is our gift to self.

Once again this month I wish to share a technique that I have used both personally and professionally in my practice to forgive and let go.  This technique is transformative and if done with an open heart and mind is lasting and liberating.

It can apply to any personal or professional grievance that you may have.

Forgiveness Meditation

  1. Prepare yourself:  Find a space and time where you will not be disturbed.  Switch off all electronic media and phones. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Breathe deeply until you feel calm and centred.
  2. Visualise:  Imagine in your mind’s eye that you can see a figure 8 lit up with brilliant gold light.  See yourself sitting in the lower half of the figure 8.  See the person whom has caused you issues sitting in the top part of the figure 8.
  3. Forgiveness intention: .When you are ready say silently or out aloud the following invocation:
  4. “{person’s name} I now forgive you for any and all hurts you have caused me in this and any other timeline, plane of existence or dimension”.
  5. “{person’s name} I now ask that you forgive me of any and all hurts I have caused you in this and any other timeline, plane of existence or dimension”.
  6. I now cut the ties that bind us to this karmic condition and I release you.  I thank you for the lessons you have given me and I ask that you also cut the ties that bind us and release me. It is done, it is done, it is done.”
  7. As you are saying these words above see brilliant blue light making a figure 8 on the outer edge of the gold figure 8 like a toy train travelling on train tracks.   Keep repeating making this figure 8 in blue light around the outside of the gold figure 8 until you feel lighter and relieved. Take as long as you need for this to happen.
  8. Once you feel lighter and relieved visualise the top half of the figure 8 breaking away from you and floating off into the distance.
  9. Take your time come to and notice how you are feeling.

(Tip: you may wish to record this onto a recording devise and play it back.  Just be sure to set calls to flight mode).

It is not uncommon after you have done this exercise that you will hear from the person you have cut the ties from.  This is usually due to the fact that the other person has felt you disconnect from them energetically.  They will try to tap back in and feed off your energy; or it may be that you miss being connected to them so you tap back in.

If you genuinely wish to be free of the impact of that person then run through the exercise again.  I would also encourage you to turn inward and examine really deeply how you feel about the person and what your motivations are.  Often the people that cause us the greatest hurt give us our greatest lessons.

There is another side to this healing; with the hurt and resentment karmically cleared you may find that you and the person move into a new space of peace and understanding,  You may find a new relationship opening up and developing that moves you not forward fro what has held you stuck in the past.

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I always welcome feedback about your experiences and I hope that you will find this forgiveness process is one that will benefit you and your family.  Until next month…

With divine blessings,  Ioanna xox



Treasured friends the card I have drawn today is a message from the Magical Unicorns oracle cards reminding you to think about the people and things you feel grateful for.

You are being encouraged this month to change your focus and your thinking; tune out to negativity, frustration and angst. Release the victim mentality.

Embrace thankfulness and look to the small things that you are grateful for. Harness these individual thoughts of gratitude and build them into a huge manifesting force.

See that force transform your life as you start to reap what you sow.

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