Have you been feeling stuck in life and not sure what direction to take? Are you trapped in your head and trying to make sense of your life and what you are truly here to do? Well you are not alone!

One of the regular burning questions I get from clients when they come to see me for a reading is:

“What is my life purpose?”

This sentence seems simple enough right? The reality though keeps many people awake at night as they wonder what they are here to do. We have all been in meaningless jobs that at best pay bills and at worse make us feel as if we are trapped in a prison unable to escape.

Sometime we start in these jobs and feel exhilarated and happy to have landed such an amazing job – at least that’s what others tell us… “You have studied at university for 5 years and now you have the job of your dreams!”….”How lucky are you! You get to have a company car and to travel”… “You must be so happy!”..

You smile back and slowly nod your head while that inner voice is screaming with frustration, confusion and panic…”No – I hate this job,  I’m not lucky, I don’t know what I’m doing here…”

If this is you and you feel as if you are navigating life as a fraud then be comforted to know that this is the voice of your soul speaking…and believe me it gets louder and louder and it wont stop until you:

1) Acknowledge it,  &
2) Respond to it. 

The first step is the hardest – admitting to yourself that you are not happy, that you feel like an empty robotic shell and that you KNOW there is more to life and you are not doing it ….YET.

The next step is to STOP, PAUSE and REFLECT.  Tune your thoughts inwards and quieten your mind, breathe and think back through your life.  Ask yourself what do I LOVE doing, what are my PASSIONS?

Because therein lies the clue you have been searching for.  Your passion ignites your soul purpose.  Our soul ignition is achieved by doing the things we love and those things are as unique to a person as our own fingerprints.

If you are too numb with life and are unable to tap into your soul purpose then engaging the help of an exceptional mentor will allow you to gain clarity, confirmation and ignition.

When choosing a mentor make sure that they don’t become too prescriptive, they need to lead you to the window but not tell you what to see.




A mentor does not necessarily have to be have the same skill sets that you possess but they must themselves be passionate about inspiring you to realise your own soul’s internal reason for being and to draw that out of your subconscious into practical reality. 

As a mentor of many people who come from all works of life there is nothing more humbling and deeply satisfying than to witness the unfoldment of my Mentoree’s soul purpose.  They have more vitality in their energy and they leave with a spring in their step, full of momentum and ready to leap into their purpose. The transition is not easy but is richly rewarding.

In my case, I left a six figure career as General Manager in a multinational corporate position and have not looked back.  I will not lie; the journey has entailed me going deep into the core of my being where I found courage &  strength that I didn’t know existed within me. I have faced the darkness moments of life and have forged a path of light through those moments that held strong because i was confident that I was on – path, living my purpose.

If you too would like to stride though life with absolute certainty that you are on path and what i have written has resonated with you then reach out an book a life purpose reading or mentoring session with me. I would love to work with you … say YES here to find out more..
With much love,
Ioanna xox
Psychic, Medium, Author & Mentor

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