One of the most common questions I get asked as a Psychic and Medium is “how do our loved ones in heaven let us know that they are around?”.  To answer this question I would like to share a memorable sign that one of my clients experienced.

This client, (I will call him John), had lost his mother when he was only three years old and came to see me in his fifties still grieving the loss of his mother and all the experiences he missed out on growing up without her.

John came to me at the urging of his wife and although he was hopeful that he would have contact with is mother, he was also highly sceptical that the spirit world even existed.

His mother did not let him down and came through immediately for him, giving him many examples of factual evidence that it was indeed her that I had made contact with.

In response to his question of how would he know that she was around, his mother showed me that she would send a black and bright red butterfly as confirmation that she was present.

He left his reading still hopeful but a little doubtful.  A few months later he had to return to the UK to attend his sister’s funeral in the month of November on a cold winter day.

At the grave sight as he was quietly reflecting on his sister he noticed a huge red and black butter fly had landed on his shoulder!!!! 

Those of you that know anything about butterflies would know that they do not appear in winter and the red and black butterfly was not native to the area of the UK he was in.  This was a magical confirmation that his beloved mother was present and supporting him from above.

Signs can be given in many forms and common ones include butterflies, rainbows, feathers or coins.  Other times they will communicate with music; you may hear their favourite song even if you change radio stations multiple times.

Of course if you haven’t received a sign yet it does not mean that you are not loved, or that they are not with you or that they are upset with you.  It may simply be that they have not yet mastered the art of communication from the other side, which is a learnt process or you may be too deep in your grief to notice the subtle signs they are giving you.

My advice would be that you continue to hold them in your thoughts and to talk to them and allow the miracle of a sign to be granted to you in divine timing; release any expectation of what or how or indeed even when it will be.  Trust and allow.



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