Ignite your soul and allow me to give your spirit a voice


Experience messages from your loved ones in heaven. Gain access to wisdom and guidance in areas of love, family, relationships, career & finances.

Intuitive Healing & Reiki

Restore your body to optimal wellbeing as Ioanna’s spirit team identifies and heals the underlying causes of imbalances.

Upcoming Events

Will you join me at one of these amazing upcoming events?

Mediumship Development

Wanting to expand your knowledge and development?  Ioanna will help you to develop your skills and expand your learning of all things spiritual.

Meraki Spiritualist Society

A monthly gathering where Spiritualist Medium Ioanna Serpanos, together with her student mediums will deliver messages of love from your loved ones in the Spirit World.

Classes & Workshops

The teacher opens the door and the student chooses to enter.  Expand your learning and gain personal empowerment.

Want a life changing experience?

Do you have an urge to lead and inspired life? Wanting to move forwards with confidence?  Then look no further…..

Hi, my name is Ioanna Serpanos and I am a Psychic Medium, Healer and Mentor located in Melbourne Australia and with clients all around the globe.

It is my pleasure to be able to assist you to lead a more inspired life through the assistance, inspiration and power of the spirit world. Not sure what you may need then a great place to start may be a psychic mediumship or tarot reading; your focus may be relationships, soul purpose, business, health or simply to make contact with your loved ones in the spirit world.

If healing is your priority then you cannot go past a reiki or intuitive (trance) healing to balance your body, mind and emotions.

Located in Melbourne’s beautiful bayside area; within walking distance of Southland Shopping Centre.

“Ioanna was so amazing when she did my reading.  Ioanna was able to give me really helpful insights and confidence.
She was also able to contact my grandmother that had passed on for many years and also my Uncle whom both I loved dearly.
It was truly an incredible experience.  Thank you, Ioanna.”
Karen L

Empaths feeling overwhelmed? I have recorded my clearing meditation just foryou!

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